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Boost your Wifi Signal with a Wifi Antenna!

Optimizing your WiFi Connection with the right antenna.
More individuals, businesses and local governments are enjoying wireless internet access thanks to proliferating Wi-Fi hotspots, home, office, and public wireless networks. However, Wi-Fi users are rarely completely satisfied with the signal strength, speed and security offered by the off the shelf Wi-Fi cards, routers access points and usb adapters.

Coverage Area

The coverage pattern of most Wi-Fi gear is omni directional (360 degrees) and assumes a home, office or coverage area with a symmetrical footprint and centrally located dsl or cable internet connection. However, no two locations are exactly the same, varying both in dimension and size, with a primary internet connection in the corner of the structure. As a result, the radiated Wi-Fi signal covers only part of the area intended, spilling out into the street or a neighboring structure. Compounding coverage problems further, many locate their routers, access points or desktop Wi-Fi cards in a closet, against the wall or under a desk,diminishing signal strength and limiting bandwidth.

Interference and Security

The secondary consequences of a device located on the boundaries of a home or office are unintended interference with neighboring networks as well as an increased security risk. By design, WiFi devices must share radio spectrum, allowing co-existence of other devices in the same physical space. With limited bandwidth available, abutting WiFi devices will decrease the performance one another. Moreover, as ones WiFi network radiates beyond the physical space of their own home or office, it is at an increased risk of piggybacking or intrusion by unauthorized users.

Free Public Wifi Hotspots
These networks are providing a number of services to they communities they service, including, free or pay internet access for citizens, authorized public worker access to key content, surveillance and traffic cameras and public access to community content. And while these networks provide access to many areas, they are not total coverage solutions. In addition, as more subscribers come on line, network capacity must be upgraded or made more efficient to ensure sufficient bandwidth. Providers are offering unequal levels of service to users and leaving money on the table in the way of would be subscribers and services that are just out of the effective range of the network.

The Best Ways to Boost your Wi-Fi Signal

1-Use a Wi-Fi Antenna Extension Cable
Remove your existing antenna, connect it to a wi-fi antenna cable

2-Replace your stock antenna with a high gain directional antenna.
By far, the most well known and widely used antenna for wi-fi is the Cantenna

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